Word Forge


You’re a globe-straddling behemoth of financial services.

Or a manufacturer who’s brilliant at manufacturing but less good at telling the world about it.

Perhaps you’re a retailer with 500 stores. Or 5.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, if you have that nagging feeling your words could be more powerful, you’re probably right.

The people in the middle

You’re a project manager, marketeer, web designer or PR specialist entrusted to pull everything together for your client, on time, on budget and without drama.

Well, at least you’ve got the words sorted.

Design and creative agencies

You don’t need words every day of the week. But every now and again they come in darned handy, don’t they?

I work with lots of creatives who occasionally need a little help making the words every bit as powerful as the design.

And yes, I’m quite happy to work as part of your organisation, which is why much of what I do doesn’t appear in these pages.