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Category: Rules of writing (and when to break them)

Is it everyone or every one? So often selected at random, there’s a very simple rule to help you get every everyone/every one situation right. ‘Everyone’ is a pronoun. That’s a word that does the same job as a noun (a naming word) but makes life and language far more exciting by freeing you from […]

Wayne Rooney and the perils of “should of” It’s never “should of”; it’s always “should have.” So how come so many people confuse the two? Yesterday, Manchester United beat Liverpool. As a Liverpool supporter it was a tough watch, only briefly improved by Wayne Rooney missing a penalty. Post match, Rooney took to Twitter to […]

Can you start a sentence with ‘and’? Yes. And that’s all there is to it. Well, almost… ‘And’, as we all remember from school, is a conjunction – a joining word that links two sentences that might otherwise be divided by a full stop. It’s one of the first steps we take towards making our […]