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How to avoid making your readers say “Eh?” I’m not talking about the mistakes (and occasional downright lies) that trip up some ad campaigns. This isn’t a case of measuring a well-known takeway’s footlong sandwich and finding it isn’t, or giving your yoghurt a scientific sounding name you just made up. These are faults most readers wouldn’t spot without […]

Election manifestos and what they can teach us about content If nobody’s reading, what’s the point in writing? Last week David Laws, drafter of the Lib Dem’s election manifesto, subjected himself to a grilling by Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis. “On page 130 of your manifesto…” began Ms Maitlis only to be interrupted by Mr Laws: “I’m […]

Is it ever ok to use ‘we’ in marketing copy? If you’ve ever read any of the gazillion books on copywriting you’ll find they tend to treat the word ‘we’ as if it should have a bell round its neck. But just sometimes, it really is ok to ‘we’ everywhere. Before I incur the wrath […]

How to reduce typos There but for the grace of you-know-who This isn’t a post mocking the poor victims of the dreaded typo. Oh go on, just one then… This truly isn’t a post mocking typos because, as a copywriter, I flirt with the potential of making a painful, embarrassing and possibly litigious typo every […]